Welcome to the home of WBlog - a free ASP.Net Blog engine.

WBlog is a free ASP.Net blog engine developed entirely in Visual Basic by Williams edb Aps. The source code is available for free, and can be used by individuals and companies.
Note: Version 2.0.1 was released on 2013-10-31.

This site is set up with it's own blog where issues related to installation, setup and extension of WBlog are covered. Due to the amount of information the issues are covered in separate posts as shown below.
  1. Blogs in general
  2. Features in WBlog
  3. Installation and setup
  4. Customization of WBlog
  5. Posts in WBlog
  6. Administrative tasks
  7. Getting your blog known
  8. Earn money on your work
  9. Valuable sources of information
You're welcome to post comments as long as you respect good net etiquette and write in English.

If you're looking for help on other issues, you might be lucky on William's blog where non-WBlog-related issues will be covered.

What's the catch?

In case you wonder why somebody would give half a year's work away for free: beats me too.
Financial crisis, make life a little easier and the World a better place to be, just because I can?
Choose your own excuse, but remember: Be happy!

William @ WilliamsEdb.dk

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